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Business areas:
Pipe Bending Systems

TT Group Companies
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The system consists of a robust rig, the TT hydraulic power unit, the QuickLock bursting rods® and the relevant accessory. The individual system components are matched for performance and safety. The GRUNDOBURST is ready for action very quickly. Operation and application are really simple requiring only two operators.


400 G + S (manhole version)  with 275 kN thrust and 400 kN pulling force for pipes from ND 50 (conversion kit for 35 mm rods) to ND 300





... Specifications

  • contamination-free drinking water pipe installation
  • no pre-cleaning required in the service area due to method
  • calibration simultaneously to the installation of the new pipe  
  • with telescopic frame for pulling in pipes down into the pit
  • one machine for different pipe diameters
  • installation of PE, PP, PVC, steel, grey cast and GRP
  • new pipe Ø can be smaller, of equal size or larger
  • high daily productivity
    (depending on job)
  • for one man operation in the pit with burst rod box on top (optionally)
  • low emissions, high quality and safety standards
  • system components are designed to resist both thrust and pullback forces

... Characteristics

  • Pipe renewal
  • Pipe exchange
  • Pipe relining (short and long pipes)
  • robust QuickLock bursting rods
  • has won several innovation awards (e. g.  OEMmie Award)








Ratihard 3
8253 Diessenhofen
Telefon: +41 (79) 820 38 97

Gadient GmbH
8495 Schmidrüt
Telefon: +41 (71) 977 23 53

Kessler AG
Ratihard 3
8253 Diessenhofen
Telefon: +41 (52) 740 35 90

MAM Technik AG
am Mosterbach 20
5073 Gipf-Oberfrick
Telefon: +41 (0)62 871 48 80